vrijdag 8 juni 2007

Too bright, he says...

This month two of my SIL's and a niece celebrate their birthdays so I've opened up a sweatshop here trying to finish socks for all of them (no more procrastination no more, no more). I know they'll all be happy with a book or a pair of store bought slippers, but I promissed myself to make everyone socks this year. So.

You've allready seen the Black Purl socks. Second sock is progressing in a steady pace. I'm halfway on the foot part. Not bad, eye? I could get it finished today - I could have finished them yesterday- if I weren't me and needed several projects at a time to keep my mind sane.

So I wondered what socks I would knit for my other SIL and then I remembered that I had dyed some sock yarn with Kool Aid, casted on a pair of stockinette socks and then put them aside because I was working on a couple of other projects as well. I was thinking, these Kool Aid bright colors (see picture below) would be perfect for SIL2. She wears a lot of bright colors. She has neon blue linen trousers and wears bright pink shirts.

kool aid

I told BF when I showed my progress that these socks would be for his sister. He looked at them and said: 'Aren't they al little too bright?' Too bright, he says. 'You should tell that to her when she wears those hidious trousers.' Point taken.

Anyway, the Kool Aid yarn isn't even close to the softness of the Lorna's laces yarn so I've set myself the goal of finishing one of the Kool socks before finishing the second Lorna's Laces sock.

jeroen's mutsje Yes, the Manos hat is about finished. I need to fit it on my friend's head first to see if it needs an edge. It's fine for my head size, though and I LOVE THIS HAT. It's perfect for him.

Drops Alpaca... I've got several options for the yarn I showed you in my last post. It's about a fine weight. They are all from Victorian Lace Today.

- Large rectangle with center diamond pattern (page 20)
- Dolphin Lace (p. 106)
- Melon pattern (p. 146)
- scarf with French trellis border (p. 98)

I don't know which one I like best... I think the Large rectangle is a good one. Not too complicated and probably suitable for a beginner like me. Any other ideas?

Man this is a long post and I have so much more to tell you... Oh, and it's my birthday tomorrow. It's World Wide Knit In Public Day on my birthday. Isn't that swell?

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odette zei

Kan je gaan kippen in het park met een vrolijke hoedje op en een slinger om je nek...
Alvast gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag....maak er een mooie dag van.
Ik vind trouwens die koolaid sokken best wel mooi worden, gewoon geven, staan vast mooi bij de blauwe broek.

Tijm zei

Alvast van harte!! Heb jij even geweldig weer op je verjaardag!

Vind die muts erg erg mooi. En die kleuren van de sock kunnen echt wel hoor!

tania zei

I *LOVE* the color of those socks!! Are you kidding?? They ROCK! :)

Irma zei

Je manos-muts is prachtig!