zondag 3 juni 2007

Loving Lorna

So I've started on another project. I know I have about 6 projects on the needles but I was watching Pirates of the Caribean (Is the stress supposed to be on the second or the third syllable?) and I just had to cast on with Lorna's Laces Black purl colorway. It's not just pretty. It is amazing!

black purlbabysocks2

The colors are pooling very nice and the little lacy part on the side... it's so simple and awsome. They are the dublin bay socks btw. I did have to mess with the number of stitches. I didn't like the fabric of 9,5SPI so I did 64 stitches with a gauge of 8,5SPI on 2,25 mm needles. Just perfect.

Downside of these socks is that they will not be mine. I'll give them for someone who has her birthday this month and loves the color purple.

I also made another pair of babysocks because there's someone pregnant (not me). This is actually pair nr 7 for the 52pair plunge.

2 opmerkingen:

Adrienne zei

WOW! your socks look great!

Janelle zei

Ooh, pretty! I made Dublin Bays out of Black Purl in April. They were my favorite socks ever, yet they also went to someone else, my mother-in-law, because they had come out just a tad too big for me. I'm going to try again. I loved those socks! Yours are coming out gorgeous. The baby socks are really cute, too!