woensdag 13 juni 2007

The black purl is sailing to Dublin Bay

And they are done! I washed them with gentle woolwash and well, let's say SIL should wash them seperately the first couple of washes. The water turned quite purplish.

Eye, captain!

Now I'm going to concentrate on the other SIL's socks and her daughter's socks and the Jitterbug socks that I promised to a girlfriend who's birthday is in 1,5 weeks... Knit knit knit knit knit knit knit knit.

Found a new pattern today by the designer that designed the Embossed Leaves Socks. It's called Dream Twister Socks and can be found here. It looks totally awsome! I also found a new free pattern on the socktopia site. It's called Uzume and you can find it here. So many great patterns, so little time. Meanwhile, I'm deciding on a pattern for the socks I'm making for my fabulous knittyboard swap partner Stariel and I'm enjoying the company of my two little furbabies. Here's another picture of little dragon.

little dragon little tyred

3 opmerkingen:

Adrienne zei

Your socks look FANTASTIC!

Janelle zei

Wow, those socks are gorgeous. I knit Dublin Bays in Black Purl a few months back, they were my favorite socks I ever knit. I just love the colors so much, and it was the perfect pattern for it. Unfortunately, mine came out just a bit too big, and ended up with my MIL. I have been yearning to knit another pair that I can keep, and seeing yours just reinforces that! They're beautiful!

Anoniem zei

Die zien er geweldig uit. Wie ik ben? Dat blijft nog even geheim. Ik kan je in ieder geval zeggen dat je magische sokkenbol klaar is en waarschijnlijk na het weekend op de post gaat.