zondag 10 juni 2007

a visit from the frogpond

I don't know what happened this weekend. It might have been the warm, damp temperature or the thunderstorm friday night.It might have been just me having a brain fart. The frogs stopped by this weekend.

More on that later. I had a great birthday saturday night. For some reason I decided that it would be a great idea to cook for the guests. Sure it was a great idea and everybody had a nice plate of pasta but it did entail a considerable bit of stress to get all the groceries and get the house kid-proof and clean. The adrenaline kicked in just in time for the guests to arrive the pasta and I didn't feel any fatigue untill the next morning. pffff, you should have seen the mess. It took me 3 hours to get the place clean again. It's safe to say I did not get a lot of knitting time on Knit in Public day. Better luck next time.

On the knitting progress, I made a negative progress this weekend. First I frogged the Kool Aid sock. I loved the color and all was fine untill I reached half of the foot and I tried it on... I couldn't get it on. Rip-it rip-it rip-it on Sunday morning with a hangover and a house so full of mud. I sure wasn't going to start on them again right at that moment as the yarn was clearly jinxed (and I wanted to keep my first dyed yarn for me) I was going to start other socks for SIL. Boyfriend picked out a Regia 4ply crazy color in pink, orange, purple (too bright? Are you kidding me?) and I started in order of appearance:

* monkey socks... not a great idea for this yarn.
* Uptown boot socks.... not the right number of stitches
* stockinette socks (boring boring) too big
* my own pattern with a yarn-over and a k2tog.... fingers crossed.

So far the pattern + nr. of stitches (60 on 2,5mm needles) is working for me and the yarn held up really well considering it had been frogged four times. In Holland people say 'Op hoop van zegen', fingers crossed.

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