maandag 25 juni 2007


Some days/weeks can be so stressfull that you actually get a lot of knitting done in your spare time. I have 7 birthdays spread over three days this week. The planning wears me out a little, but it has a great effect on my knitting speed:

toe up

Now, I hope nr. two will knit up just as fast so I get the presents out of that magic yarn ball. My secret pal hid most presents at the center of the ball. I did allready find a package of easter egg/ yarn dye and I'm anxious to see the rest!

Now, somewhere between all the obligations I'm starting the Mystery stole. The color I've chosen after carefull deliberation (thanks Trillian!) is the basil green. On 3,5mm needles the fabric is nice, soft and lovely. I'm so curious as to how will this lace project turn out? Will I like making the shawl? Will I like the result? Why can't it start today? ;)

2 opmerkingen:

Adrienne zei

wow,that's a lot of birthdays! your sock looks wonderful!

odette zei

Dat wordt doorbreien voor jou....
Wat is dat nu precies die mystery stole???