vrijdag 1 juni 2007

Rise in arms!

Take your knitting needles and protest! The Dutch knitting and handcraft world needs your attention.

For quite a while there's been this great Dutch magazine on crafts like knitting, embroidering, weaving etc. There are great indepth interviews and stories on the history of different crafts. Now this great magazine called 'Handwerken zonder grenzen' (Crafting without borders) is in danger. The publisher went bankrupt and the beautiful magazine might ceaze to exist because of this.

So it's time to pick up your needles and protest. Leave a comment at this blog: http://tijm.blogspot.com/

Now, I've been tagged by Trillian to state 7 weird things about me... Okay. What's considered weird?

1. In my family we call my dad 'your father' because my mum used to tell us to 'cal your father'. So we called out 'your father'.

2. I don't like to drive. I'd rather take a 2 hour trainride instead of a 30 minute car drive.

3. I have a lot of old stitching UFO's. (I'll get to them, I swear!) I was heavely into stitching before te knitting bug kicked in.

4. I really want to start a podcast, but I'm not sure if I want to get myself into such a vulnerable position. I would do it in Dutch, though. I think there's a 'market' for a Dutch knitting podcast.

5. I can't handle rejection or hard critisism.

6. I cry a lot. I don't know why. Sometimes the tears won't go away. I can cry for a day.

7. I'm a listmaker. I love organizing chaos by putting things that belong together in the same bin and labelling files. I thrive in chaos because it leaves me space to organize :)

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Tijm zei

Hartelijk dank voor je bericht over de actie!

Jenneke zei

graag gedaan!

Anoniem zei

Nice to see you have moved to where I can drop anonymous comment on you. I'm your sockapalooza pal and I just wanted to say hi!. I've picked some nice green yarn, but still trying to figure out the pattern for it, but don't worry, two months is plenty of time to knit a pair of socks.

Jenneke zei


Meike zei

That's so sad about the magazine. This German handwork magazine I liked also recently stopped being published. It was something that my grandma, then my mom, and then I made things out of, so it's like the end of an era.