dinsdag 26 juni 2007


In my last post I mentioned the Mystery Stole project I'll be starting with this Friday. Odette asked what this mystery stole is all about. Well...

Melanie from Pink lemon twist is a designer and three years ago she thought it would be nice to start a knit-a-long giving participants clues to knitting a lace shawl without knowing how it will look in the end. It was so much fun that she decided to do it again last year and this year again. The designs are gorgeous, by the way.

Eventhough I have no experience with lace I am going to give it a go with some nice green laceweight yarn. I'm not going for the beaded option. Don't like the look of beads on lace.

Now that I've mentioned green... I dyed some yarn today. Olive/forest green this time and I'm really curious as to how they will look when they are dry. I dyed one skein of sockyarn from 'het stookhok', one skein of Opal undyed and one skein of silk/wool from Het Stookhok. It'll take a while to dry though. They are drying in the bathroom because it might rain again.

I finished Elfine's socks and I'll be taking pictures tomorrow.

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Tijm zei

Bedankt voor de tip!

odette zei

Bedankt voor je uitleg over de mystery stole. Lijkt me erg leuk om ook aan mee te doen, maar ik denk dat ik pass. Heb nu al zoveel ufo's liggen. Laat ik die eerst maar eens af maken. Ben benieuwd naar jouw mystery stole.
Leuk hè dat verven......