woensdag 20 juni 2007

magic sockyarn

magische sokkenbol1magische sokkenbol2

The mailman came to me this afternoon with a package! I love that guy, seriously, he allways brings me nice stuff ;)

It's a handddyed ball of yarn with green and blue and yellow. It smells really sweet!I also got a nice bag of licorice which I've allready opened up. I love licorice! I got to knit San's socks first before I can start on this ball, but it'll be lots of fun!

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tania zei

how FUN!!

Jen zei

Morgen Jenneke!

I’m Jen, your Blog Reader for SOS, letting you know I’ve subscribed to your blog feed and look forward to reading about your socks. If you haven’t checked in with me yet, please drop me a line so I know when you’re blogging for SOS. I'm at knittingsutra AT gmail DOT com.

BTW, I live in Den Haag - so we're neighbors. :)

Sock on!